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Top iPad Stands for a range of use and sectors



Top iPad Stands for a range of use and sectors

iPads are something of a staple in nearly any environment, whether it’s an office, restaurant, or classroom. However, they’re not the easiest things to hold for long periods of time. Now more than ever, people are turning to technology to streamline daily activities and stay secure. While technology makes our lives easier, accessories like iPad stands can make all the difference. 

Why are iPad stands useful?

We all know the main reason for iPad stands is to hold your iPad in place so you can use it hands free. However, there are many reasons they’re especially useful in various sectors, which you likely haven’t considered. 

iPad stands are more versatile than ever. You’ll see stands that you can mount to counters or walls, floor mounted stands, and even adjustable models. While each might not be ideal in every situation, the diverse variety of stands creates ample opportunity for using them in any location. 

Classroom Settings

In the classroom, iPads are becoming a key teaching aid. Educators can use them for supplemental materials, visual aids, and even recording lectures and lessons. As more education becomes remote, teachers are turning to table or counter mount iPad stands to make it easier to use their favourite tool. 

Restaurants and Retail Businesses

Restaurants are another key area where iPads are taking over the roles traditionally performed by bulkier equipment. Namely, the POS (point of sale) station. Transactions are just as quick and easy (if not more so), and customer friendly. However, iPads are still an investment for any business, especially for smaller businesses and restaurants. 

An iPad stand gives POS areas a more polished, professional look, of course. The real benefit though, is that it also protects your investment from theft. 

Much like restaurants benefit from using iPads as part of their POS station, retail businesses use them too. However, it’s not always comfortable for customers or employees to lean over a counter to complete transactions. An iPad stand makes the experience more comfortable for both parties, and keeps the business looking professional. These stands don’t just prevent theft, they also prevent accidental damage that can happen if the iPad slips. 


iPads are a great way to display parts of your business, especially at events. They allow a more interactive experience, and can help you showcase what you have to offer. However, a tablet screen isn’t always easy to see when it’s not at the right angle, or there’s glare from the sun. 

An iPad stand lets you keep the bright, clear display you want to show. Because the stands can be adjusted, you can make your display more ergonomic, and tilt the screen to avoid glare. 


Another sector using iPad stands is one you might not expect right away: banks. Customer advisors are no longer bound to a single computer with an unwieldy screen that makes it difficult to show customers information. 

Now more than ever, bank employees are using tablets in their everyday work. Of course, security is a top priority at any bank. iPad stands for banks have all the benefits they do in other industries, with the extra security banks need. These often allow employees to securely lock the stand to a counter, as well as pick them up when needed. 

What is the best iPad stand?

As we mentioned, different industries get more use out of different types of stands. The most ideal one does depend on your own needs. In general though, the best iPad stands should offer flexibility and security.

Kiosk Stands

These stands are much taller than desktop models. They stand on the ground, and hold iPads at a comfortable, ergonomic height. Kiosk stands come in either single or dual screen options, making them ideal for businesses that use iPads for customer self service stations.

Pivot Stands

Pivot stands are a great way to incorporate discreet iPad stands in the office. They take up minimal room, but still allow all the flexibility of other iPad stands. Even without an iPad attached, you’ll hardly notice them. These also have the advantage of a built in spot that keeps cables tidy and out of sight. 

Wall Mount Stands

Wall mounted iPad stands are ideal for places where the tablet stays in place. They’re the perfect way to use iPads for displays or entertainment areas. Some of these wall mount stands even have power options.

Flex Stands

These iPads stands are perfect for countertops, and give you more height. If you’re on your iPad almost as much as a computer, they’re the ideal solution. They hold iPads at eye level and prevent neck strain. Flex stands come in both single and dual screen options.

Point of sale Stands

Prop stands and point of sale stands for iPads fit any business using an iPad to take payments. They’re secure, and keep iPads at a comfortable height to complete transactions. They also allow the screen to move and tilt, so customers and employees can use it in comfort.


If you use iPads in your regular business activities, an iPad stand is a small investment that delivers huge benefits. There’s a style of iPad stand to fit any need, no matter what it is. Parotec is a leader in iPad mounts and stands, but we also have a range of cases and other iPad accessories to help you get the most out of your tech. 

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