iNsync C70

Hassle-Free Charging (16 Universal Devices)

C70 houses up to 16 x 7-8inch devices in most styles of cases up to and including the likes of the Griffin Survivor & Joy aXtion Cases. 

Connection for charging and synchronising is made by manual insertion of the Apple cable into the iPad.

Simplicity Of The Sync

Connect the case to the mains power 110v to 240v supply and using a standard USB 2.0. A male to B cable (supplied) connect your Notebook to the case. Use iTunes or Apple Configurator (Mac Only) for Mac devices or alternative software for Android/ Windows 8 to start charging or synchronising – it’s as simple as that.

*Please note that synchronisation on a windows PC is limited to 5-8 units at a

*Apple computer will synchronise all Apple iPads in iTunes or maximum 30
in Apple Configurator.

Maximum Parotec Protection

The Parotec case gives ultimate protection to your iNsync unit, the C70 case can have dual fans attached to the base, keeping the unit cool so it can be charged with the lid closed. The case has wheels and has an extendable handle to facilitate moving from location to location with ease.

The case can also be padlocked to prevent any unwanted access to the unit.

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Weight (Empty)

18 kgs

Weight (Loaded) approx.

29 kgs


67 cm


51 cm


38 cm

Input Voltage

110-240 VAC

Model Number (Lightning Connectors)


Plugs available (Please state on order)

UK, EU or US


Limited 3-Year Warranty


Extendible Handle

Lockable (Padlocks)



Shock Resistant