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Preforza TX1 Wireless Power Station for iPad and iPhone

The TX1 - Preforza Wireless Power Station

With Preforza Wireless Charging System, you may just leave your iPad or iPhone after use on the Wireless Power Station and it will be fully charged in no time. It is a sure way to prevent forgetting to charge your iPad.

The Preforza TX1 Wireless Power Station simplifies the charging of iPad and iPhone devices.

TX1 Preforza Wireless Power Station has 3 coils installed. This unique structure allows simultaneous charging of 3 iPhones with one device. In addition, Preforza Wireless Power Station achieved the 10W transmission requirement subscribed by MFi for iPads.

It simplifies the charging of tablets in schools and reduces the inconvenience of lost chargers & broken connectors.

Simple. Innovative. Colourful.

With our innovative 30mm Wireless Charging System, it could be installed underneath a desk of 20mm thickness to allow charging of tablets and smartphones wirelessly just by placing the devices on top of the desk.

The Wireless Charging System with current technology has distance of 8mm between the coil on Wireless Charging Case and coil on Wireless Power Station. However, the coils are incased by cases and covers so the actual distance between the power station and charging case is only about 1mm.

The TX1 - Preforza Wireless Power Station is available in the following colours and order codes:

  • Black - SYS-TX1-001-B
  • White - SYS-TX1-001-W
  • Red - SYS-TX1-001-R

High Speed Charging and MFI Certified

The Preforza Preforza Wireless Charging Case has an authentic Apple Lightning Connector and completely complies with MFi requirements, assuring the faster charging duration compared to authentic stock charger and cable.

Apple products are widely accepted for its refined design and has admirers across the globe. Not to be outdone by Apple products in design department and to apply cutting edge design concept in Preforza Wireless Power Station, we deliberately applied sensibilities of an automobile designer. This strategy realized a refined design that perfectly accompanies Apple products in office, store and home settings.

Moreover, MFi approved accessory must be manufactured in factories approved by Apple.
Preforza Wireless Charging System has cleared every one of the requirements and in January, 2016, four products were authenticated by MFi at once.

Preforza Wireless Charging System is certified for global distribution: It can be sold worldwide.

Wireless Power Station and Wireless Charging Cases are CE & FCC approved.

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Length 319 mm
Transmitter Width 92 mm
Charging Device iPad / iPhone
Transmitter Power 15 W
Power Source AC Adapter
MFI Approved Tick
Order Code 86-PRE-TX1-(Colour Choice)

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