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Preforza - iPhone 7 Wireless Charging Case

Preforza - iPhone 7 Wireless Charging Case

Preforza - iPhone 7 Wireless Charging Case is a slim case type which also challenge conventional perception of devices with wireless charging functions with its slim and light weight design. The MFI certified case is a certified authentic Apple product.

Easy Sync

Sync is made possible by using the Micro-USB port at the bottom of the case. This will allow you to manage your device when connected to a computer.

Preforza Wireless Charging

The Preforza Wireless Charging Case has an authentic Apple Lightning Connector and completely complies with MFi requirements, assuring the faster charging duration compared to authentic stock charger and cable.

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Fits iPhone 7
To use with Preforza TX1 Wireless Charging Station
Sync via Micro-USB
Order Code (Black) SYS-RX-7SP-B
Order Code (Red) SYS-RX-7SP-R
Order Code (White) SYS-RX-7SP-W