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Parotec 5-Port USB Charging Dock Station CS52

Parotec C252 5-Port USB Charging Dock Station

Introducing the Parotec CS52 5-Port USB Charging Dock Station

A space saving solution featuring 5 high powered USB ports, you can stack your chosen devices between the anti-scratch slots and charge them efficiently. The slots are wide enough to facilitate devices with cases fitted. From iOS, Android or Windows based devices the Parotec 10-Port USB 10U24F can provide efficient charging for each device. We can provide a range of cables to be used in conjunction with this device, from lightning, Micro-USB and USB Type-C.

Two Rear Plug Inlets

The Parotec CS52 also features 2 plug inlets on the rear for AC-Adapters to be utilised, whilst using all 5-USB ports on the front.

Surge protection on each port - Built-in smart charging chipset provides and determines the charge needed for your device, delivering a steady and safe charge.

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Order Code 88-LS-CS52
Facilites 5-USB Ports + 2 AC-Adapter Ports
Fits Up to 5 Devices Stacked (+2 Extra, Non Stacked)
Input AC 100-240V 1.5A(Total 8A) 50/60Hz
Output 1 (USB Ports) DC 5V (2.4A x 5) (total 60W)
Output 2 (Sockets) (Total 80W)
Size 158 x 129 x 90 mm
Colour Black

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