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iNcharge W10s - Small Device Wall Cabinet

iNcharge W10s - Small Device Wall Cabinet

The iNcharge W10s can charge up to 10 iPod and handheld devices. Providing easy access to devices and stays within the sleek profile. Supplied with two keys, and secured with a robust key lock the cabinet can be secured when in operation.

The devices are placed on each individual slot on the fitted rack.

The W10s is a universal solution, thanks to it's 10 port USB charger located in the service box, ready for you to use your USB cables with your chose devices.

Perfect for those with limited space!

Order Code

iNcharge W10s - Charge Only

Part Code: 53-W10S-CO

Looking for iPad / Tablet Wall Cabinet Solution?

If you are needing a wall cabinet for iPad and tablet please click here.

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Fits iPod / Handheld Devices
Capacity 10
Facilities Charge Only

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