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How to future-proof your educational technology investment



How to future-proof your educational technology investment

It’s clear to see the increase in technology use across schools in the UK, with educational technology (ed tech) solutions becoming a core part of engaging and teaching pupils. However, according to The State of Technology in Education 2019/2020 Report, over 50% of school leaders agree school budgets continue to make it difficult for their schools to realise their strategic objectives. 

As budgets and spending continue to be scrutinised and discussed, any ed tech investment needs to be carefully considered and provide real value. Whilst the use of tablets and iPads also continues to rise (76.3%); alongside apps, interactive whiteboards, and laptops, it’s increasingly important for spend to be planned as a proven long-term investment. With demand for these types of products growing it can be difficult to navigate the landscape and strategically future-proof your educational technology investment.  

Below, we’ve highlighted common challenges and factors that are often missed when managing multiple devices and tablets, but are critical to supporting the longevity of technology expenditure. 

Keeping Pace with Technology

This is one of the most common reasons schools are still reluctant to invest in such technology. As technology moves at a rapid pace, your equipment and accessories must also be able to adapt and keep up.

Looking at tablets alone, there’s a wide range of devices constantly entering the market and often causing schools situations where they are left with equipment that is in working condition but is no longer suitable or compatible. 


All too often when you come to use a device it isn’t charged, or the battery dies in the midst of use. Ensuring all students are equipped with performing devices should be a simple, effective and convenient process that shouldn’t disrupt learning. 

It’s also likely you then have devices plugged in across the room with long, tangled cables causing a trip and potential fire hazard. Using different, often cheaper, chargers can also damage device battery if the incorrect charge is being sent to it, this too can be a fire risk. 

Or, you can’t find the charger, it’s lost, stolen or damaged. Perhaps you have a charger but it’s no longer compatible with the newest device. Having a secure way to charge and store devices should not be overlooked. 


Having a convenient way to store multiple devices, protecting them from damage, theft or misuse can significantly reduce additional spend to replace devices. Keeping devices secure with robust solutions can extend their life, reducing the impact of wear and tear whilst giving additional functionality to support device management.

Our Solution

At Parotec, we take pride in providing our clients with bespoke solutions assisting problems which are fed by customer needs, and our search for innovative products is non-ending. We supply schools, colleges and universities across the UK with the latest cases, carts and accessories for an array of devices.

Our wide range of educational products offer real flexibility for your school to store, charge and sync multiple devices, saving valuable learning time and extending your resources and budgets further. 

Our charging stations allow multiple, varied devices to be stored and charged easily and safely. They provide a neat structure with cables firmly hidden. Many of our charging stations have the added flexibility of our team replacing charging ports and storage slots should your requirements and devices change. This gives you the opportunity to upgrade or change the devices without the additional large expenditure of purchasing new storage and charging solutions. 

Additionally, our mobile carts and trolleys provide convenient access and transportation of devices between classrooms, so your time can remain focused on teaching. We also offer desktop and wall solutions that can easily fit into your classroom setting giving you more choice to either have them attached onto student desks or tucked away in quieter areas of the room. 

To ensure maximum security and protection we also stock a wide range of device cases along with other useful accessories aimed at effective and efficient use. Charging stations can also support such protective cases and, if necessary, additional accessories. 

Alongside our latest products we are always keen to listen and hear your thoughts, working to bespoke briefs to cater for your devices, quantity, environments and strategic needs. 

Contact us today to speak to one of our experts about your specific requirements.

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