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A Simple Guide To Choosing Your Explorer Case



Explorer cases are extremely resilient, military-standard, waterproof cases that offer the best level of protection currently manufactured in Europe. Made to withstand extreme environments and with a range of modifications available, the Explorer cases are the right choice for protecting your valuable, and likely expensive, equipment.

Our cases are incredibly rugged, tough, protective equipment cases that have proven themselves to be the best of their kind through military standard testing. They are a great alternative to other protective case brands, such as Peli, and have many additional benefits that prove their worth - not to mention the collaboration with Parotec, utilizing our bespoke case customisation services.

What are Explorer cases?

Explorer cases are durable, waterproof cases that are hard wearing to protect equipment and withstand extreme environments, temperatures and hostile conditions. Made with ultimate practicalities, protection and security in mind, the Explorer cases are the best of their kind in Europe, manufactured in Italy. 

Our available cases include 3 size ranges, small, medium and large. With the option to have an empty case, pre-cubed foam inserts or sections for bag inserts, there will always be an appropriate and safe option for your equipment with Explorer cases.

Explorer Case Features

Explorer cases are used in a variety of environments, from keeping camera equipment safe on a sub-zero expedition to sheltering military equipment from extensive water and dust exposure. There are plenty of professional and extreme scenarios in which Explorer cases are used to effectively protect and shield equipment from damage or harm.

Explorer cases are:

  • Waterproof: Tested and rated at IP67, our cases are protected from extremely wet environments, such as being submerged in water or in extensive snow.
  • Dustproof: Protects contents in any climate, including from extreme sand in desert environments or dust in dry areas.
  • Withstand extreme temperatures: Certified to resist temperatures that range from -33°C to +90°C. Whether you’re on an arctic expedition or on a tropical adventure, your equipment will be safe and protected from the elements.
  • Military Standard: Explorer cases are the first of their kind to be certified to the current military standards through patented innovations. 
  • Shock Resistant: Manufactured with polypropylene copolymer, the case's strength against impact and resistance to stress cracking is very high and they can be dropped from a significant height without damage.
  • Pressure Resistant: A pressure release valve allows pressure to be regulated inside and outside the case to prevent content damage and to stop the case from bursting open. This is especially great for when the case is being used in air travel or is submerged underwater.

What are Explorer Cases used for?

Explorer cases are used in a variety of environments and protect a range of equipment. Some of the most notable industries that use Explorer cases include:

  • Police
  • Military
  • Camera crews
  • Aviation industry
  • Medical industry
  • Technical sports industry

When important sectors such as the military trust Explorer cases, they are expecting the protection of firearms, confidential data, medical equipment and dangerous machinery parts - this has even included the nose cone of a missile. Due to the rigorous testing the cases go through, critical military equipment is kept safe and secure, hence why Explorer cases are used widely by both the UK and European Militaries.

Modern media now commonly use drones in filming, and are often equipped with very expensive and delicate equipment. It is vital that drones are protected by a durable case that allows for careful handling and transportation. Our custom foam inserts for the Explorer cases can ensure even further, that each intricate part of a drone or quadcopter, is well protected.

Explorer case modifications

Explorer cases are a brilliant choice for protecting your important and expensive equipment. Not only are they extremely safe and rigorously tested, there are plenty of modification and customisation options available to tailor your case to your specific needs.

Custom Foam Inserts

At Parotec, we pride ourselves on our custom foam inserts that can be cleverly designed and manufactured to fit any of our cases or any bespoke case you may have. When our custom case inserts are added, your Explorer case will provide even better protection for your contents, with better organization and layout.

We have over 20 years of experience in designing custom foam inserts for many cases through a variety of industries. Our range of foam fittings include:

  • CNC Routed Foam
  • Pick 'n' Pluck Foam
  • Die Cut Foam
  • Convoluted Foam
  • Dividers
  • Panel Ring

Parotec can also provide other services for your case inserts, such as laser and screen printing, foam engineering and foam design. Each of these modification techniques can provide you with the best possible protection for your important equipment, whilst also incorporating useful organization systems and business branding where desired.

Our bespoke foam insert service works brilliantly in collaboration with Explorer cases, and can make your case more practical and unique to you and your business. To learn more about how we can modify your Explorer case, read the information on our Case Inserts page or get in touch with our team by using the form.


Colours: Our cases come in standard black and custom colours such as green and orange are available after 50 orders have been placed. Our custom foam inserts also come in a wide range of colours. 

Printing: We can add logos onto your cases to emphasize your brand and make your cases easily identifiable. For example, one of our customers had ‘Safety Kit’ printed on the front of their Explorer cases, so that their essential kits are easy and quick to find in a fast-paced environment.

Added Features: There are some additional modifications that can be made upon request, such as the addition of external charging points on the cases to improve efficiency and a fan to regulate internal temperatures when charging. 


They come with a variety of available accessories. Some of the most common accessories include:

  • Wheels for ease of movement
  • Ergonomic, reinforced handles
  • Telescopic, retractable handles on larger cases
  • Stacking capabilities for easy transportation and storage
  • Shoulder straps for accessibility
  • Multifunctional padded bag inserts for easy sorting and content access, and added protection

Each case can be adapted to suit the needs of your equipment and to maximize protection.

Where to buy Explorer cases?


On our site CaseMart, you can purchase an Explorer case online today. We have an extensive Explorer case range that is available to buy now. CaseMart is a retail division of Parotec and sells a wide range of protective cases to suit varying industries.

Parotec Solutions

Our main site can provide you with more information about the cases and has the option for you to enquire about custom inserts and modifications for your Explorer case. If you want to purchase multiple cases, you can discuss this with our team.

Our range of small explorer cases are great for protecting smaller items and transporting them with ease, medium and large cases are great for companies who need to store items such as specialist tools, camera gear or sizable technology.

Why choose Parotec for your Explorer Cases?

Parotec have never had an Explorer case returned due to any issues or fault - this proves how trustworthy they really are. If you are interested in investing in an Explorer case, or are thinking about your customisation and modification options, get in touch with us today.


  • UK Military
  • Jaguar Land Rover
  • Gulfstream
  • BAE systems
  • Redbox VR

With such an important range of customers who value the protection provided by the Explorer Cases and Parotec, you can be sure to trust our cases with your most important and valued contents.

Not only will you have a high quality, extremely tough, waterproof protective case when you invest in an Explorer case, but when you buy with Parotec, your new case can be modified to suit your requirements exactly. Through our custom bespoke foam inserts, to additional accessories and branding, your Explorer case will be ready for wherever you may take it.

Speak with our team today to find out how we can modify your Explorer case for ultimate protection.

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