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Why iPad Carts Are Ideal For Schools, Colleges and Universities



Parotec IT produce a wide range of storage, charging and syncing solutions for multiple Apple devices. One of their most impressive products is the Parotec Mobile Cart for iPad. Here, Parotec IT discuss how iPads can be used in the classroom – and why their iPad trolleys are perfect for educational establishments...

Apple devices such as iPads are ideal for schools, colleges and universities. The simple-to-use interface means that even the youngest children will quickly grasp how to operate them. And the vast range of educational apps on iTunes means that whatever subject or age group you’re teaching, there’s sure to be an app that does the job.

To get the best possible benefit from using iPads in the classroom, it’s preferable to have an iPad for every child, or at least one iPad for every two children. Potentially, that’s a lot of iPads – which all need somewhere secure to be stored. What’s more, they’ll need charging and syncing on a regular basis.

This is where the Parotec Mobile Cart for iPad comes in. This impressive iPad trolley is the perfect solution for schools with multiple iPads. Here’s why:

Store up to 60 iPads safely and securely
Parotec’s iPad carts come in four different sizes: 16-bay, 32-bay, 46-bay and 60-bay – or, in terms of the average class size, from “half a classroom” to “two classrooms”. You’re unlikely to have an iPad for every child in every class, so these configurations will suit the vast majority of educational establishments.

Transport iPads between classrooms
If you’re sharing iPads between multiple classes, Parotec’s iPad trolleys provide a convenient way of transporting all your iPads at once – much easier, quicker and safer than carrying them between classrooms.

Keep your iPads fully charged and ready to use
Parotec IT’s iPad carts are more than just a storage and transport solution – they also function as multiple iPad chargers. Simply slot your iPads into the bays, and plug the iPad trolley into the mains. What could be simpler?

Update all your iPads simultaneously
The iPad trolleys from Parotec IT can even sync multiple iPads, ensuring all apps are up-to-date and you’re running the latest, safest version of iOS. It’s just as easy as charging multiple iPads: just connect your PC or Mac to the iPad cart using the supplied USB cable. Using a PC you can sync up to 8 iPads simultaneously, so it’s better to use a Mac if you can. This way, all your iPads can be synced at once no matter how many you have.

So if your school, college or university could benefit from an iPad cart, you can find out more, or browse Parotec IT’s full range of MultiSync multiple tablet chargers, iNsync cases and other iPad charging solutions.

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