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5 Questions Answered About Multiple Tablet Chargers



For IT departments in schools, colleges, offices, hotels and many other type of business, a multiple tablet charger can be a godsend. No more scrambling around for power outlets or spare USB sockets – just plug all your tablets into one charger, and get charging. What could be simpler?

But multiple tablet chargers are quite a specialist product. So where do you turn?

Try Parotec IT. They’ve produced a number of innovative solutions for Hand Held Tablet devices, including iPods, iPhones, iPads and various Android and Windows devices. Here, they answer five questions about the functionality and benefits that multiple tablet chargers can bring to your business...

1. Are multiple tablet chargers available for iPads & other platforms like Android or Windows 8?
Yes, and several different types are available from Parotec IT. Their multiple device chargers are part of their iNsync and ParaSync ranges, and include a variety of configurations, types and sizes, with options for all devices, including Apple iPads and similar.

2. Can multiple tablet chargers also sync several devices simultaneously?
Syncing multiple iPads is certainly possible with the multiple tablet chargers from Parotec IT. Simply insert your iPads into the charger, connect the charger to a PC or Mac running iTunes, and sync! Your devices will then be fully up to date. For Android and Windows devices there are limitations to Sync depending on the operating system software within the individual devices purchased.

3. How many tablets can I charge and sync at once?
That depends. If you’re using a PC, you’ll be limited to syncing a maximum of 8 tablets at a time. However, a much better solution is to sync your iPads with a Mac. This way, you can sync as many iPads as your multiple tablet charger will hold. And even better, with a charger such as the ParaSync for iPad you can “daisy chain” more than one tablet charger, which allows you to sync even more iPads in one go.

4. Are there multiple tablet chargers that also function as storage solutions?
Indeed. Examples include Parotec IT’s Mobile Carts or Cases offering a lockable storage solution. The iNsync range offers solutions for storing, syncing and charging multiple iPads, with a range of cases that also function as multiple tablet chargers.

5. Are there multiple tablet chargers that also function as tablet transport solutions?
Yes. The iNsync cases are ideal for carrying multiple hand held devices over short distances, providing robust protection against impact damage. Also worth considering is the Parotec cart range. These iPad carts can be used as multiple tablet chargers and for syncing multiple iPads, as well as making transporting multiple iPads easier, with wheels for easy manoeuvrability.

Learn more about Parotec IT’s multiple tablet chargers, and their innovative solutions for other Apple devices.

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