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iNsync Cube 16


The iNsync Cube is the latest design from Parotec-IT. The Cube solution has been built to charge and sync iPads and other tablet devices, whilst being locked, preventing any unauthorised access into the cube.

The Cube is universal, allowing the user to use their own USB cables, for their own devices. 

The iNsync Cube can be attached to the cart, allowing for easy manoeuvrability, the cart can take two Cubes, making it availbale for up to 32 devices.


The versatile iNsync Cube can house a wide vareity of devices, even fitted with cases like the Griffin Survivor, Joy aXtion cases and other rugged style cases. Inside the cube the dividers can be altered accordingly, depending on the width of the device inside the unit (adaptable to suit).

The iNsync Cube can also house other popular devices like chromebooks, (up to 13") for them to be secured and can even be charged with the use of an extension cable (not included).


The Cube is available in several variations:

The iNsync Cube 16:

iNsync Cube 16 Store Only
iNsync Cube 16 Charge Only
iNsync Cube 16 Charge and Sync

The iNsync Cube 32:

iNsync Cube 32 Store Only
iNsync Cube 32 Charge Only
iNsync Cube 32 Charge and Sync

Take a closer look


Height 37 x 46 x 38 cm

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