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iNsync C61

Hassle-Free Charging (8 iPads)

The iNync C61 houses up to 8 x iPad that are fitted with the Gripcase, our unique surface allows for the iPads to nest perfectly inside the unit. Charging and synchronising is made possible due to the surface mounted, 8 USB ports. The unit’s surface is made of high quality ABS, finished off in a stylish grey colour.​

Simplicity Of The Sync

Synchronising iPads. Connect the iNsync case to a mains power (110v - 240v) supply, and using the included USB 2.0 cable (USB type A to USB type B), connect your notebook to the case and then to the designated port on the surface of the unit. Use iTunes or Apple Configurator to begin managing the iOS devices.

(Please Note: Apple computer will synchronise all Apple iPad’s in iTunes or maximum 30 in Apple Configurator)

Maximum Parotec Protection

The Parotec case in which the system is built in is made of high quality, durable plastic; it is also shockproof giving absolute maximum protection. It has self-oiling wheels and an extendable handle allowing moving from location to location with ease.

Our cases meet NATO Military Standards.

The case can also be padlocked to prevent any unwanted access to the unit.

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Weight (Empty) 18 kgs
Weight (Loaded) approx. 26 kgs
Dimensions 67 x 51 x 38 cm
Input Voltage 110-240 VAC
Model Number 53-5820-1-C61-110
Plugs available (Please state on order) UK, EU and US
Warranty Limited 2-Year Warranty
Wheels Tick
Extendable Handle Tick
Stackable Tick
Lockable (Padlocks) Tick
Waterproof Tick
Shock Resistant Tick

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