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iNsync W5 - Wall Cabinet

The W5 Wall Cabinet for iPad and Tablet Devices

The W5 is a storage and charging station for 5 tablet devices.

The W5 can support the charging of devices from 7” to 12” from the integral 5 x USB Hub that is supplied; this means you can use the USB cables supplied with your particular device. *Alternative model available with standard power bar installed for non-USB chargeable devices.

Robust and Secure

The low profile design enables the W5 to be conveniently wall mounted in space restricted areas without obstruction.

The W5 is manufactured by corrosion free aluminium, thus making it lightweight, durable and robust. The door is secured by two high security barrel locks for extra security 

Two Variations

The W5 Variations

iNcharge W5 'Charge Only' - Features 5 Plug Socket Power Bar (Non-USB Chargeable)

Part Code: 53-WALL5-CO


iNsync W5 ' Charge adnd Sync' - Features 5 Port USB Hub (USb Chargeable)

Part Code:  53-WALL5

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Height 68.5 cm
Width 48 cm
Depth 10 cm
Weight 6 kgs
Order Code 53-W5